GameSpy Desktop

GameSpy Desktop is a utility that periodically goes out to...

GameSpy Desktop

GameSpy Desktop is a utility that periodically goes out to 47 gaming sites on the GameSpy network and sets the POTD as the desktop wallpaper. It runs in the system tray and provides notification when the POTD is changes. With many options available, GameSpy Desktop can be tuned to your liking.

* Get pics of the day for 47 sites on the GameSpy Network

* Runs in the system tray

* Full desktop update cycle control

* Color schemes and images themed to the current POTD wallpaper

* Customizable sounds

* Advanced settings to prevent frequent timeouts

* Web enabled to check for new versions

* Download and install new skins right from the application

* Included help files

* Support for creating custom skins to grab your own POTD images

* GameSpy Desktop Screensaver Included

Top 3 GameSpy Desktop Alternatives

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Crazy Background I made at 1280 by 1024

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