3D Fish School 2.02

See 3D shoals of incredible fishes swimming through an...

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  • Program by Gelios Software

3D Fish School 2.02

See 3D shoals of incredible fishes swimming through an amazing underwater world.

If you are a fish lover, check out 3D Fish School Screen Saver. This is one of 3D Aquarium Screensavers, which allows you to turn your Windows Desktop into an incredible underwater world. 3D Fish Tank Screensaver features shoals of near-realistic fishes, which swim among bubbles within beautiful underwater backgrounds. This Tropical Fish Screensaver allows you to choose from 5 salt-water fishes like Copperbanded Butterfly, Yellow Tang, Blue Tang, Flame Angel, Clown or 5 fresh-water fishes like Tiger Barb, Angel Fish, Discus, Red Oscar, and Red Platy. You can set the number of fishes or bubbles, customize as fish swim their way around and change the underwater background with very soothing underwater effects. If you have multi-monitors, you can display 3D Aquarium Screensaver on them via settings of your virtual desktop. Wide screen option allows you to adjust display aspect ratio and turn your widescreen TV into virtual aquarium. The program has a nice skin interface like WinAmp or Windows XP software. This 3D Fish Screen Saver allows you to change your screen resolution to get maximum quality and performance of virtual aquarium. Every time you start the underwater screensaver it is completely different, all the fishes and bubbles are calculated every time, you never have to watch the same screen saver twice!

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