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WPS Office is a complete presentation solution that allows users to create PowerPoint files on mobile devices. It's also compatible with most types of spreadsheet formats and even includes supports for custom forms.

Users who have a number of documents stored as image files can convert them back to DOC or DOCX format. When they then show these files to others later on, they can call up a simulated laser pointer that's controlled with the touchscreen. The app ships with a number of predefined mathematical formulas, which makes the app a suitable replacement for a dedicated office suite.

Once documents are loaded into the WPS app, users can edit them even if they've been marked as read only. WPS can save edited copies as a new file, which helps to reduce the risk of inadvertent data loss. The app is also capable of working in reverse by virtually printing a text document to make an image or PDF file.

Programmers will appreciate the fact that WPS can edit C, CPP, H, ASM and BAT files. Since it treats all of these as plain text files, users can work with assembly language code that's designed for either the x86_64 or ARM platforms.