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Create professional-quality graphics, sound effects, and videos with Alight Motion.

If you have been searching for a lightweight editing program that can still produce amazing results, then you might want to take a closer look at Alight Motion. This powerful app will allow you to edit a wide array of file types, and most of the tools are completely free to use. While Alight Motion isn’t going to be as robust as a professional editing program on a computer, it still has a good range of features.

Alight Motion has editing options for many different types of media, but it truly shines with short animations. You can easily turn a video into a GIF or another similar file with transitions and unique effects. Users also have the option of editing sound effects and music and then placing those clips in their animations. If you enjoy Alight Motion and would like to get more out of the app, then you will need to pay for a subscription. There are a few different subscription types to chose from, and each tier has its own benefits and features. Paying for a subscription is also going to remove the Alight Motion watermark from your completed pieces.