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APK Pure allows users to search for and download Android Package files. A large library of APK files is searchable within the app. Therefore, users don't need to spend countless minutes searching for the app they want to download. APK files typically litter the web across multiple websites. An app like APK Pure makes it easier to find and install legitimate applications. Is the app worth downloading and using?

A Review of APK Pure

After installing APK Pure, users are greeted with a marketplace. All APK files on the marketplace are free to download, though. Developers crated an experience similar to the Google Play Store, so everything should feel familiar here. It's possible to search for specific APK files in seconds. Through APK Pure, finding updates to apps not found in the Play Store couldn't be easier, which is incredibly convenient.

Navigating through the app works well enough. Perhaps the only issue with the app involves overall security. For the average user, APKs should be avoided because they required disabling security features on an Android device. Only advanced users should utilize the APK Pure marketplace to install these files. Far too many things can go wrong when novice users attempt to download APK files. Luckily, user reviews are included in the app to warn users of potentially bad downloads.

The Verdict On APK Pure

Nonetheless, APK Pure makes the entire process much more simple. Most, if not all, APK files are current and updated. These direct links allow users to handle APK file downloads with ease. For that reason, users that prefer dealing with APK files should love everything offered by APK Pure. The app receives regular updates in order to improve performance and update the library of apps. Competing marketplaces tend to feature worse designs and less diverse file libraries.