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by Charles G. Rousseau
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The Cheat Engine by Charles Gebukhmer is a trainer app designed to make it easier to play certain games on mobile devices. It can be used to unlock levels and content that the developers hid because it was incomplete. For instance, if a game has extra content as a result of last minute edits then players can resurrect it with cheat engine.

Perhaps more useful is the ability for players to add additional health and weapons to a character after said character begins to run out. This is an especially helpful feature for anyone who is playing either FPS or RPG titles that have set inventories and wouldn't permit a player to proceed if they don't possess a certain weapon.

While there isn't any way to apply thee changes to multiplayer titles, that's probably a good thing. Cheat Engine users won't get called out for hacking their game files on public servers that way.

However, you can edit local copies that include saved data from multiplayer games. Due to updates it can be hard to predict whether or not a specific title will be compatible with Cheat Engine, but it does cover a number of popular games currently on the market.