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Bring the beloved life simulator series onto your mobile phone with The Sims FreePlay. You'll find all the classic features of this best-selling PC game, like building relationships between Sims, creating a family and raising adorable toddlers and designing a beautiful mansion for your characters.

The Sims was originally created as a house-designing program, and every version of the game has stayed true to these roots. With The Sims Freeplay, you can create your dream home with multiple rooms, outdoor living spaces and almost-limitless decor. From a chic mansion to a classic Victorian, you can build anything you can imagine.

Once you've built your home, you'll need people to live and play in it. Create up to 34 Sims and manage their careers, relationships and hobbies. Your Sims can become doctors or CEOs, fall in love, have children or leave it all behind and head on vacation.

For decades, gamers have loved building homes and telling stories with The Sims. Now, with The Sims FreePlay, you don't need a high-end desktop to enjoy the bright graphics and animations of The Sims.