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ES File Explorer is a file management tool that makes it easier to find files. Normally navigating through files is tough on a device, but this makes it easier to explore all your folders. It also comes with extra tools to analyze storage, transfer files, view categories and more.

Main Features

ES File Explorer is built to make it easier to view your files. While finding some files is easy on a device, many files and folders are difficult to navigate with phones and tablets. ES File Explorer's interface allows you to see all the folders on your device along with the associated files.

If you have ever saved a file but can't seem to find it, then ES File Explorer will be beneficial. You can go through all the folders, or you can even search for the file by typing in its name. This can even group files by type or category.

Analyze Storage

Most devices can tell you how much storage you have left, but they rarely give you detailed reports about your remaining storage. ES File Explorer shows you how much storage is remaining along with which folders have the biggest files. This can make it easier to see where your largest files are located.

File Transfer

Transferring files is even easier with ES File Explorer. Connect your device either to another device or computer and then open the app. You can then find specific files that you wish to transfer. It's much easier than with your device's native file explorer.


  • Makes it much easier to explore files and folders.
  • Analyzes your storage and shows you where the biggest files are.
  • Transfer your files easier than ever.


  • Many of these features are already found natively on your device.