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Facebook like is a fantastic version of Facebook that allows users to enjoy a more stripped-down version of the program. Unlike the main app, this app is a more streamed down version of Facebook, and for many people, it provides a much, much better alternative.

The app is smaller and loads less data. This may mean that you miss out on certain Facebook features, but in many cases, they are annoying features that users don't like anyway - like auto-playing videos. As such, the app is not only faster, but it uses less data. For older phones or people who are not on unlimited data plans, this can be very important.

This app, like the regular Facebook app, is free to use. It is absolutely perfect for people who want a simpler version of Facebook. It still comes with all of Facebook's core functions, such as liking posts, commenting, messaging others, and more. This app may also be easier to use in areas that do not have adequate internet coverage, and it specifically notes its ability to work in 2G. 

Keep in mind that a lite version comes with sacrifices. Pictures and other content will load slower. However, in most cases, it's better than the alternative: No Facebook at all.


  • Loads faster, uses less data, and can provide a smoother experience - particularly for users who are on older phones. 
  • Free to use.
  • Quick to install.


  • The app clearly lays out what you can't do on it, but it may still be disorienting - particularly for users who make the switch from the full app to the lite one.