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Facebook Messenger is a full-featured communication platform for everyone. Although it's integrated with Facebook, Messenger can be utilized as a standalone app. Users receive a powerful communication platform in the palm of their hands. They can communicate with friends, family members, and even businesses with ease. At its core, Messenger remains an instant messaging setup first but throws in countless other features as well.

A Communication Platform That Allows Users To Do Everything

Individuals that use Facebook can communicate with all of their existing friends. Standalone users instead add contacts on an individual basis. Either way, they can then communicate with each other through text, video, and audio. Video and audio calls occur at the touch of a button in high definition. Extra communication features exist from stickers and location share to video and image sharing.

Excellent Features Like Private Chat, Payments, and More

On top of that, users can record audio messages and send them to each other. Facebook Messenger even offers peer-to-peer payments. A private chat feature is available, and it's possible to search through existing conversations for text or images. Most of these features are fleshed out and provide true value to dedicated users. However, Facebook Messenger uses a lot of data and comes with some privacy concerns. It's not the perfect choice for everyone.

Should You Download and Use Facebook Messenger?

Over a billion people use Facebook Messenger on Android today. They rely on the communication platform to keep in touch with others. Without a doubt, Messenger succeeds due to its sheer feature set and efficient communication solutions. There's enough here for every single user to enjoy. Plus, unwanted or unused features can largely be ignored without detracting from the overall experience. The instant messaging space is quite crowded on mobile devices, but Facebook Messenger manages to stand above competitors.