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Thunder VPN protects a smartphone's internet connection through a Virtual Private Network. More and more consumers continue to adopt VPNs as part of their browsing habits. Unfortunately, mobile VPNs have lagged behind their desktop counterparts in various ways. Thunder VPN seeks to right that imbalance by offering a number of excellent features. A better alternative might not be available for Android devices today.

A Simple Review of Thunder VPN

After launching Thunder VPN, users are greeted with a one-button solution. They can simply tap a button to start the VPN. This chooses a random location to host the VPN from. However, Thunder VPN allows users to customize the server they connect to, if desired. This solution offer no-logging and doesn't require a signup or account to proceed. No usage or time limits exist for regular users, either.

Should You Download and Install Thunder VPN?

In the end, Thunder VPN offers plenty of features typically reserved for paid solutions. Android users will find a lot to enjoy with this particular VPN. Mobile VPNs don't have to sacrifice features and performance any longer. Thunder VPN proves that excellent mobile options exist at the moment. Plus, regular updates keep the app functioning well.