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Imo is a streamlined social network for mobile users that provides a venue for video chats, audio calls and instant messages.

With Imo, group gatherings can take place on camera, and a maximum of 20 users can attend a single function. Customizable profiles provide a handcrafted touch that make it easy to attract attention. Connecting with family members and friends is effortless, and the same is true of making matches with complete strangers.

This Android download also features conference rooms, which makes it a breeze to conduct professional meetings at length. As a bonus, Imo demonstrates cross-compatibility with all of today’s most commonly used handheld operating systems. HD shares are maximized for use on Android tablets.

International connections are seamlessly supported by this mainframe as well. Overall, this software offers a clever way to avoid call fees and SMS charges. Imo’s simplified nature allows it to operate efficiently even with low bandwidth like 2G. It can also take full advantage of nearby WiFi networks.

This software even facilitates efficient data transfers, and file-sharing capabilities encompass a variety of file types including .MP3, .PDF, .DOC and .ZIP. Cloud-based storage also prevents messages from taking up unnecessary space on your device.