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Get ready to drop the beat and dance your heart out with Music Maker JAM. This free app lets you turn any song into a music mix with tempo changes, mix packs, vocal integration and easy sharing via YouTube, TikTok and SoundCloud.

With the intuitive controls, you can remix your music any way you can imagine. Music Maker JAM contains many different genre options from EDM to pop to Latin. You can even mix genres to create chart-topping new styles.

You can record and upload songs to social networks or use the built-in community to share with other musicians. Plus, you can use the live remixing features to DJ for friends any time you want to. The controls are so intuitive that you can easily teach your friends to make their own jams, so your next party will never be boring.

Music Maker Jam has over 500,000 five-star reviews and was named an Editor’s Choice music app in 2020. Download today to find out why so many users love this app.