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by Microsoft Corporation
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Microsoft Word is a mobile port of the full-sized desktop application, which includes most of the features you'd expect from a complete office solution. Users can view DOC, DOCX, RTF and TXT files regardless of what kind of device they were created on.

They're also free to edit these documents and save them as new files, which makes it easy to do work even when you're on the go. Files created with Microsoft Word can be viewed on both PCs as well as Macintosh computers. Since the app adheres to all the standards you'd expect from a word processor, it can even load files created on machines running GNU/Linux.

An integrated view control gives users the freedom to get a print preview right on their phones. They're also able to enjoy several other different types of views depending on the type of document that they're working with.

Considering that it works with such a wide variety of formats, Microsoft Word may even find a market outside of the desktop publishing field. It can be used to compile reports and even work on the next great novel. Some users might turn to it as a sort of lightweight ebook reader.