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Mobizen is a free screen recorder with many unique features. This is able to record a video of anything you're doing with your device, such as playing games, using apps or anything else that you want to show others. You can edit the videos and even insert a custom intro.

Main Features

Mobizen is a screen recorder that is completely free. While it creates a watermark by default like most other free screen recorders, one major difference is that you can remove the watermark for free. You simply have to choose the right mode and make a profile.

You can set the recording quality. The highest quality is 1080p, but you can choose lower qualities to help reduce the overall file size. This can also simultaneously record your front-facing camera to capture your reactions and voice. While there are many options to choose from, this app is very easy to use.

Video Editing

Mobizen also offers a video editing suite. You can trim or crop the video to remove anything extraneous. You can also save images from the video that you can use as a thumbnail. If there are certain areas that you want to remove, then you can completely erase or move whole sections of the video.

Music and Intro

This app understands that you want to share your screen recordings and that you want the best presentation possible. You can easily add music to the video along with your own intro. Simply select an audio file or video file and you can add it directly to your screen recording.


  • Offers high-quality screen recording without a watermark.
  • The video editor ensures that you can trim, cut and move sections as needed.
  • You can add music and an intro to your screen recording.


  • This app requires a lot of permissions, which some users may not like.