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Game Hacker modifies mobile games in a variety of ways. Within the app, users can modify game files for dozens of mobile games. Doing so allows players to gain in-game currency or unlock new features for free. Only specific games work with Game Hacker, but the tool works well within most of these titles. Unfortunately, few modern games work with the app, and that's a problem for many mobile gamers.

A Quick Review of Game Hacker

On first launch, most users will notice the app's lackluster design. Game Hacker was designed for a previous version of Android OS and hasn't been updated since. Users will find a list of compatible games within the app. From there, they can download and install those games. Game Hacker then allows players to modify various in-game values and unlock new features or activate other effects.

The Final Verdict On Game Hacker

As previously mentioned, Game Hacker tends to work for its compatible games. The app won't do anything for games not listed within the app, though. Few, if any, modern games work with Game Hacker. A lack of updates means that issue won't be addressed anytime soon. In the end, Game Hacker is a decent app for players that partake in compatible titles.