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TikTok is an app that allows you to watch and upload short videos. This popular app features people dancing to songs, doing incredible stunts and being highly creative with videos that last a minute at most. You can either enjoy the videos, or you can upload your own and join in the fun.

Main Features

TikTok is a video sharing platform where you can both watch and upload short videos. The videos last between 15 to 60 seconds each. You can browse through recommended videos based on previous searches, see videos from those you follow or check the most popular videos of the day. This ensures that you can easily find content to watch.

There are a wide variety of videos to enjoy. You can find people dancing and lip syncing, funny videos that will make you laugh immediately, dynamic stunts and much more. There are also challenges where creators are tasked with making videos following a specific format.

Uploading Videos

Many people come to TikTok to upload videos. This app allows you to record videos directly so that they can be easily uploaded. This feature connects directly to your device's camera. You can then add filters, effects or even songs to your video before you start recording.

This also comes packed with a video editor. You'll find this useful as you can trim away mistakes, crop the image, add even more effects and other handy editing tools. You'll find it easy to turn your short video into a true masterpiece.


  • Find many videos to watch and enjoy
  • You can easily upload your own videos and there is a video editor as well
  • There is always new content due to the large number of users


  • Some users may dislike the short time limit for videos