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WeChat is a social media network and messaging app rolled into one. It also contains many unique features that you won't find elsewhere, such as a friend radar and massive chatrooms. There are also many ways to share your thoughts that aren't available with other social media outlets.

Main Features

WeChat is a combination of a social network and messaging app rolled into one. Many social media outlets have messaging capabilities, but this gives you more options. For example, you can text, call, send images, send audio files and more with ease. This gives you more ways to talk to your friends and share with your followers.

You'll also find many stickers, filters and emojis that are unique to WeChat. This allows yourself to be expressive with your messages. Simply click a sticker or filter and it will automatically be added to your post.

Friend Radar

This app comes with a friend radar. This is a unique feature that allows you to actually find where your friends are located. You must turn this on and it's only available with your friends. That means that you will only find or be found by people you want to meet in the real world.

You'll get simple GPS instructions to show you how to reach the other person.

Massive Chatrooms

Many apps allow you to create chatrooms, but few have the maximum size limit of WeChat. You can make a chatroom for 500 people. This is ideal for rooms about hobbies and popular topics.


  • Has a friend radar so that you can find your friends in the real world.
  • Gives you many unique ways to communicate.
  • Allows you to make chatrooms with up to 500 people.


  • Some people may find the friend radar to be intrusive.