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Twitter is a name ubiquitous enough to be used as a common verb, and the official Android app is the best way to stay tuned in with what's going on in your feed. If you're new to the social media platform, you deserve to give it a spin. It's more than just a text-focused alternative to Facebook. Its short character limit gives it a language and poetry all its own, and it's becoming an increasingly necessary platform for everything from political journalism to fashion to comedy.

Fortunately, Twitter's done an exceptional job of making their Android UI as intuitive as possible. There's nothing too flashy here - but the lean and sensible approach to design means that everything you need is either right in front of you or just a smooth and seamless swipe or click away. Whether you're looking to prune your list of followers, scope out what's going on in local news, or make an insightful post, it works exactly how you'd expect it to. Navigation is smooth, and the general design is simple enough to get you where you need to go without jumping through multiple menus.

That's true for what you can share as well. While Twitter may have gotten its start as primarily a text-based platform, and it mostly continues to be just that, sharing videos and images is incredibly easy through the mobile interface. All told, it's about the most elegant design you could expect for an already elegant social media platform.


  • One of the best platforms for news and culture
  • Great interface you can understand intuitively
  • Huge and enthusiastic existing user base


  • Notifications are overbearing by default
  • No easy option for scheduling tweets