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The ibis Paint X app is a versatile drawing program that features over 380 different brushes and more tha 70 filters. That should make it attractive to serious artists as well as those who are merely interested in editing some of the photos that they've taken with their phone or tablet.

Users are free to apply nearly 50 screentones to any image, which has made ibis Paint X a popular choice for those who draw the digital equivalent of physical grayscale comics. It could also theoretically be used for drafting since it includes a number of convenient ruler features and the ability to place a clipping mask over any drawing or imported image.

Perhaps the most important features are those related to processing character drawings. Since ibis Paint X is designed with the needs of manga artists in mind, it includes a number of tools that can help those who have to draw close-up panels of the faces of fictional characters.

Conventional artists who've only just moved to digital drawing might be interested in the water drop tool as well. This gives them the freedom to make images appear as though they've been edited by hand with a set of actual paintbrushes.