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Clean Master is a combination of an optimization tool, a file system cleaner and an antivrius application all rolled into one. When you first run the software, it will scan your phone and look for temporary files that you don't need any more. Assuming that you give it permission to clear out these files, Clean Master could theoretically free up 1-2G of memory or even more depending on how you use your phone.

Those who might not have cleaned their phone with any other application in a long time will see the most dramatic gains. Once it's done with file cleaning chores, Clean Master will locate any potential performance issues and try to automatically correct them.

When prompted, the app will also run a complete security scan to see if any of the apps you have open aren't performing the way they're supposed to be. If some are leaking packets or contain a known piece of malware, then Clean Master will do its best to quarantine them until you can take the time to remove them manually.

Since it includes so many features bundled into one app, Clean Master could easily replace a number of other utilities on phones that are running out space for new programs.