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Ludo King is a board game app that's based around a traditional pastime from India. Players try to move all four of their tokens from their start square to the goal before their opponents get a chance to do so. It requires a certain mix of strategy and luck since players rely on dice rolls to help them move their tokens around the board.

While the traditional board game of Ludo is known for being simple and elegant, Ludo King has taken things to a different level. Players are free to tweak certain rules and settings so the game will behave more like their favorite variant.

Online multiplayer might be the most popular feature, since it can help connect players with other humans all around the world. That being said, the game also provides computer opponents for those who want to be sure they have an opponent at all hours of the day.

Users are also free to set up a local hot seat game, which lets people pass a mobile device around a table. This makes it a great app to pull out while camping or relaxing while on a break at work. Games can be saved in progress so users can always go back to them later.